Designed by Quark Expeditions to give polar adventurers unprecedented access to the hardest-to-reach places on the planet, Ultramarine is the culmination of over three decades of venturing beyond the predictable in polar exploration. Ultramarine features brand-new ways to explore spectacular polar surroundings:

Flightseeing: While polar landscapes are spectacular from the sea, they’re even more stunning from the air, a view enjoyed while seated in one of the two twin-engine helicopters.

Heli-Landing:新沙巴体育 Passengers will be transferred to a pre-selected Arctic destination to explore at their leisure.

Heli-Hiking: Our twin-engine helicopters will transfer passengers to the start of the most scenic hiking routes and pick them up at the end of the route.

Ice Sheet Experience:新沙巴体育 Passengers ascend high above the cascading coastal glaciers onto the immense polar plateau of the Greenland Ice Sheet and take in the immensity of this overwhelming landscape.

Alpine Kayaking: Our expert kayak guides will take passengers—by helicopter—to remote glacial lakes high in the upper alpine zones of Southern Greenland.

Mountain Biking:新沙巴体育 Our team has joined with seasoned local partners to identify world-class mountain biking routes through the stunning scenery of South Greenland.

Greenland Camp Experience: Local hosts take passengers on an immersive experience at one of the most exclusive camps in Greenland.

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Ultramarine will provide guests an exceptional onboard experience with nine suite categories, including solo suites with floor-to-ceiling windows and the largest entry-level twin suites of its class. Each has been meticulously designed to keep guests inspired by, and connected to, the breathtaking polar landscapes.


Breathtaking public spaces, generous viewing areas and extensive amenities will ensure passengers experience total comfort on the ship so they can make the most of their adventures off-ship.

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