Costa Rica's new tourism minister says 'shared vision' crucial for recovery


Costa Rica's new tourism minister said the country "will require a joint effort and a shared country vision" for tourism to recover.

Gustavo Segura Sancho took office on July 8, succeeding Maria Amalia Revelo Raventos, who resigned citing health-related reasons.

Gustavo Segura Sancho
Gustavo Segura Sancho

A statement from the Costa Rican Tourism Institute said Segura's main objectives were "to achieve a gradual and safe reopening of international flights, to generate in the short term useful tools to alleviate the financial problems of the companies in the sector, and to promote economic recovery measures while taking into account the importance of health management."

Segura was a member of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute's board of directors between 2010 and 2016. He previously served as CEO of the Islita Group, a hotel development and management group.

新沙巴体育“I understand and share the emotional, physical and financial crisis of the stakeholders in the tourism industry," Segura said.


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