American Airlines suspending service to 15 cities

American Airlines jet
American Airlines will suspend service to 15 small markets beginning Oct. 7.

新沙巴体育American will suspend service to 15 small markets beginning Oct. 7.

The move, which is a response to low demand caused by the Covid-19 pandemic新沙巴体育, will come a week after service requirements stipulated in the Cares Act are slated to sunset.

The cities that will lose American service are Del Rio, Texas; Dubuque, Iowa; Florence, S.C.; Greenville, N.C.; Huntington, W.Va.; Joplin, Mo.; Kalamazoo, Mich.; Lake Charles, La.; New Haven, Conn.; New Windsor, N.Y.; Roswell, N.M.; Sioux City, Iowa; Springfield, Ill.; Stillwater, Okla.; and Williamsport, Pa.

American said the suspensions are only in place through Nov. 3 for now.

新沙巴体育Regional airlines are warning of more bankruptcies and closures if the Treasury Department doesn't ease the path to obtaining financing from the $25 billion airline loan program that was included in the Cares Act.

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"The airline will continue to reassess plans for these and other markets as an extension of the Payroll Support Program remains under deliberation," the carrier said.

The announcement comes as airline industry unions and other stakeholders continue to lobby for an extension of the $25 billion Payroll Support Program that was included in the Cares Act. American accepted $5.8 billion under the program, which forbade carriers from laying off or furloughing rank-and-file staff through Sept. 30 and also required airlines to petition the DOT for permission to drop service to any market.

American has already formally warned 25,000 employees of potential furloughs beginning Oct. 1.

Last week, American said that it might cut service to up to 30 small and midsize markets after Oct. 1.


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