U.S. Travel urges Congress to get back to work on relief bill

Congress is on recess until the end of August, leaving the coronavirus relief bill in limbo.
Congress is on recess until the end of August, leaving the coronavirus relief bill in limbo.

新沙巴体育The U.S. Travel Association is imploring Congress to return from its August recess and try to reach an agreement on the latest relief package.

新沙巴体育"It is crucial that leaders in Washington return to the negotiating table immediately and continue the important work they started," said Tori Emerson Barnes, executive vice president of public affairs and policy at U.S. Travel. "Since March, more than half of the 15.8 million prepandemic jobs supported by the travel industry have disappeared, leaving workers and small businesses in every pocket of America vulnerable to the economic pain of this public health crisis."

Earlier this month congressional leaders on both sides blamed the other for stalled negotiations新沙巴体育 on a relief package to boost the U.S. economy. The impasse looks likely to drag on as Congress is on recess for the rest of this month.

Tori Emerson Barnes
Tori Emerson Barnes

新沙巴体育Emerson Barnes underscored the outsize hit the travel industry has taken from the pandemic, noting that 34% of all job losses have been in the leisure and hospitality sector, although that sector accounted for just 11% of pre-pandemic jobs.

新沙巴体育U.S. Travel called on Congress to immediately extend the Paycheck Protection Program and expand it to include destination marketing organizations, which are currently excluded.

新沙巴体育"Travel industry businesses and workers cannot wait until September or until after the election," Emerson Barnes said. "Congress must come together immediately to pass meaningful legislation to provide relief, protection and stimulus to all segments of the travel industry."


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