Backroads' new trips are for 'easygoing' adventure travelers

Backroads is introducing new tours for 2021.
Backroads is introducing new tours for 2021. Photo Credit: Backroads

Active-travel company Backroads is launching a category of  trips designed for first-time adventure travelers or those seeking easier options, the company said Wednesday.

新沙巴体育Additionally, it said, it is expanding its roster of weekend getaways in North America, including new itineraries in the Texas Hill Country and Whistler, British Columbia.

新沙巴体育Backroads' new offers 29 "easygoing" itineraries of e-bike, walking and multi-adventure trips that the company said were created for guests who may be new to active travel and looking for an alternative to large resort hotels, all-inclusive resorts and cruises.

"We know that the way one chooses to travel is a very personal thing," said Backroads founder and president Tom Hale. "For some, it's exploring small towns and scenic country roads by e-bike. For others, it's a perfect morning hike followed by down time at the pool and spa.

新沙巴体育"Our new Dolce Tempo journeys are for anyone who simply wants to get outside, away from the crowds, and experience the best of it all at their own easygoing pace."

新沙巴体育While the Dolce Tempo trips aren't available until 2021, the company said it still has weekend getaways and other itineraries available in North America for 2020.

新沙巴体育Also this week, Backroads released its complete lineup of 2021 trips, which include new adventures in Europe, North America and the Southern Hemisphere; more trips under its 20s & Beyond segment targeting families with adult children; and expanded options for private and custom group travel.


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