Fiercely Forward with Travel Planners International


When the pandemic first began affecting the travel industry earlier this year, Travel Planners International (TPI) got to work creating a resource that any advisor, regardless of affiliation, can access: .

新沙巴体育Available for free online, the resource includes webinars, a local media guide, a post-Covid-19 profitability plan and more. Advisors can also access photo, video and social media assets for free. None are branded to TPI.

"It's a resource that we want to give to the industry that's not about us," said Jenn Lee, TPI's vice president of sales and marketing. "This has nothing to do with TPI."

新沙巴体育In addition to the online resources, TPI launched a companion private Facebook group, . Any advisors can join, but they have to agree to the group's rules, Lee said. It's meant to be a positive place to share business ideas and best practices, not to vent about lost sales or supplier issues.

新沙巴体育The group has gotten a lot of traction lately, Lee said. It hovered just shy of 600 members last Wednesday.

"This is for people who want to continue to build their business, who are looking to connect with other people who are doing the same" Lee said.

She said she plans to launch Facebook Live videos in the group in the coming weeks, as well.


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